Automatic vertical form fill seal packaging machine mod. KOMPAKT

Electro-pneumatic vertical packaging machine that makes 3 side seal packs of various forms and sizes, starting from the printed or neutral coil flat, on which you can apply labels, expiry date and lot.

• n° 1 - Interchangeable stainless steel forming tube
• Motorized drag film with indipendent pneumatic belts (regulable pressure)
• SIEMENS Variable speed AC drive motors that controls speed, acceleration and deceleration of the packing film via Profinet network
• SIEMENS PLC with memory card with 100 storable recipes
• SIEMENS 7” HMI color panel with Profinet network
• SMC pneumatic with progressive starter and pressure switch
• Inside store air cylinder for compressed air (5 Liters) with progressive starter (better pneumatic stability)
• SIEMENS thermoregulator controller (4 channels) for hot elements via Profinet network
• n° 2 - horizontal welding bars of 220mm controlled by thermocouple
• n° 1 - vertical welding bars of 300mm controlled by thermocouple
• n° 1 - Stainless steel knife (laser made)
• Mechanic tensioning system for film
• Sliding film rolls systems
• Safety protections with electronic sensor
• n° 4 - Levelling feets
• CEE electric plant and drawings
• Plant alarm reported from the HMI

• Ø forming tube: 40 - 135 (mm)
• Film coil width: 165 - 450 (mm)
• Bag width: 62 - 205 (mm)
• Bag lenght: 0 - 600 (mm)
• Production: 70 packs/min. (max)
• Electric supply: 380V + N + T – 50/60Hz – 16A – 2,5Kwh
• Pneumatic supply: 100 Lt/min – 7 bar
• Weight: 250Kg

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Packaging machine for granulars,
coffee, barley, corn and bulk products

Packaging machine for dry
fresh and frozen pasta

Packaging machine for rice,
corn, grains and cereals

Packaging machine for rice,
legumes, beans and lentils

High speed packaging machine
for all bulk products

Packaging machine for biscuits,
taralli, crackers and bread

Packaging machine for dry
fresh and frozen pasta

Packaging machine for
macaroons, pastries and bread sticks

Packaging machine for pasta
and short pasta

Packaging machine for pet food,
kibble, feed and fertilizers

Packaging machine for fresh pasta
on MAP (modified atmosphere)


available versions



Electronics and Pneumatic

Realized packs
Flat bottom pack
Creased corners
Pack edge folder Photocell for
print centering
MAP (Modified
atmosphere pack.)
Hot foil printer
(3 print lines)
Thermal transfer
forming tube
Impulse sealing
(for polyethylene)
Axial aspirator
(for dust in the air)
unwinding film
Labelling machine
Print & aplly
Antistatic system
for forming tube
Coffee valves
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