Volumetric piston filler for liquid VM series


The volumetric piston filler units of the VM series are suitable for liquid, dense, creams, sauces and doughy products like mayonnaise, russian salad, sauce with pieces, gravies, sauces, pates, mashed potatoes, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, liquid government, oil, oil with spices, chocolate, cream, cake, malt, jams, mustards, honey, syrups, caramel, fruit juices and flavorings.

All product contact parts are made in AISI 316 stainless steel and are easily removed for a better cleaning.
The volume control is done by graduated graduated handwheel.
The discharge and suction's speeds are finely adjustable by regulators integrated in the sub-base plate.
The VM series is also very compacts and has a small dimension that allows easy installation into the automatic systems. The piston seals are made in teflon, for a better long life even with abrasive products.

• Twin / three-cylinder / four-cylinder version or multiple groups (on request)
• Range capacity from 1cc to 5200cc
• Micro-doses of 0.5 cc to 20cc
• special dosing unit and Nozzle plates
• heated dosing unit for chocolate, butter, honey or wax, paraffin, grease, etc. ... (temperatures from +35°c to +120°c)

Volumetric piston filler

Models Lateral view


VM 60 (from 1cc to 65cc)
VM 300 (from 10cc to 340cc)
VM 600 (from 20cc to 600cc)
VM 1000 (from 50cc to 1100cc)
VM 3000 (from 150cc to 3150cc)
VM 5000 (from 200cc to 5200cc)

Suitable products


Liquid products • Thick and pasty products • Mayonnaise • Russian salad • Sauce with pieces • Gravies • Sauces • Pates • Mashed potatoes • Milk • Yogurt • Cottage cheese • Liquid government • Oil • Oil with spices • Chocolate • Cream • Cake • Malt • Jams • Mustards • Honey • Syrups • Caramel • Fruit juices • Flavorings

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