Linear weighers V series (products until 0,5cm size)

V series electronic linear weighers are the suitable system for automatic dosing every goods of very fine granulometry (until 0,5cm).
“DECELERATION SYSTEM” electronic device allows to use a single vibrating channel that regulates itself in relation to the amount of product detected into the weigh bucket.
V series customization includes various types of hoppers, vibrating channels and buckets, as you can dose all the products of your production.
V series can create till 4 MIX of different products.
V series weighers are available from 1 to 4 weighing heads and it can be connected to our automatic packaging machines, at a later time.

• Suitable products (max): 0,5cm (or little pads)
• Vibrating channels: 1 (for each head weigher)
• Available head weighers: from 1 to 4
• Weight range: from 5gr to 2Kg (according to the product's volumetry)
• Recipes: 9

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V series linear weighers
for fine granulars

Semiautomatic weigher for
pine nuts, pistachios e similar

Semiautomatic weigher for
chocolate drops, grains e similar

Semiautomatic weigher for
spices, grains e similar

Semiautomatic weigher for
ready rice, rice, barley e similar

Special weigher
for high speed production

Models Construction Speed (example with 20gr of fine salt) Capacity Versions
mono-product MIX
plain surface
1 head weigher
1 vibrating channel

30 weights/min.

Main hopper:
- 38lt. (standard)
- 100lt. (optional)

White painted steel

Stainless steel AISI 304

dimple surface

Weigh bucket:
From 0,5lt. to 10lt.

plain surface
2 head weighers
2 vibrating channels

60 weights/min.

30 weights/min. x 2 MIX

Main hopper:
- 76lt. (standard)
- 200lt. (optional)

dimple surface

Weigh bucket:
From 0,5lt. to 10lt.

plain surface
3 head weighers
3 vibrating channels

90 weights/min.

30 weights/min. x 3 MIX

Main hopper:
- 114lt. (standard)
- 300lt. (optional)

dimple surface

Weigh bucket:
From 0,5lt. to 10lt.

plain surface
4 head weighers
4 vibrating channels

120 weights/min.

30 weights/min. x 4 MIX

Main hopper:
- 152lt. (standard)
- 400lt. (optional)

dimple surface

Weigh bucket:
From 0,5lt. to 10lt.

Frontal closure system High capacity hopper Additional discharge chute Discharge chute
+ timing hopper
Teflon coating Dimple plate
+ teflon coating
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