Semiautomatic linear weigher mod. V1 (products until 0,5cm size)

The semiautomatic linear weigher mod. V1 is the suitable system for those wishing to optimize the dosing's time, for every goods of fine granulometry (until 0,5cm)
“DECELERATION SYSTEM” electronic device allows to use a single vibrating channel that regulates itself in relation to the amount of product detected into the weigh bucket.
V series customization includes various types of hoppers, vibrating channels and buckets, as you can dose all the products of your production.
The packs support (fitted as standard) is adjustable in height and depth.
In the future, you can remove V1 weigher from its frame for the direct mounting on vffs packing machines mod. KOMPAKT, L600 and MAXI, in order to optimize the future investments.

• Suitable products (max): 0,5cm (or little pads)
• Vibrating channels: 1 (for each head weigher)
• Weight range: from 5gr to 2Kg (according to the product's volumetry)
• Recipes: 9

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V series linear weighers
for fine granulars

Semiautomatic weigher for
pine nuts, pistachios e similar

Semiautomatic weigher for
chocolate drops, grains e similar

Semiautomatic weigher for
spices, grains e similar

Semiautomatic weigher for
ready rice, rice, barley e similar

Special weigher
for high speed production

Model Construction Speed (example with 20gr of fine salt) Capacity Versions
plain surface
1 head weigher
1 vibrating channel

30 weights/min.

Main hopper:
- 38lt. (standard)
- 100lt. (optional)

White painted steel

Stainless steel AISI 304

dimple surface

Weigh bucket:
From 0,5lt. to 10lt.

Frontal closure system High capacity hopper Additional discharge chute Teflon coating Dimple plate
+ teflon coating
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